Exceptional companies are created over time. Brice Environmental has over 50 years of sweat equity into cultivating our services and building a reputation of trust for delivery of safe and quality services on a nation-wide basis.

BRICE ENV Brice Environmental specializes in environmental consulting, management and planning. We offer a full range of environmental engineering, consulting and construction services including site investigations, remediation and restoration; feasibility studies; contaminated sediment services; management planning and permitting; logistics coordination and support; demolition; and munitions response programs. We focus on our client’s mission by developing strategies that integrate innovation and value-based approaches. Our strategies result in cost-effective investigation, design, construction and operation that always take into account regulatory measures, technical, financial, project delivery timelines, quality control and risk management.

We maintain full-time environmental professionals including scientists, geologists, safety staff, and environmental and civil engineers with an average of over 20 years of environmental experience working in Alaska and nationwide.

Bank Stabilization

Building and Tower Demolition

Camp Facilities and Operations

Contaminated Soil Removal, Transportation and Disposal

Debris Clean-up, Recycling and Disposal

Fuel Storage Tank Removals

Groundwater and Soil Remediation

Hazardous Materials Removal and Disposal

Ice Road Construction / Maintenance

Management and Clean-up of Sites Under CERCLA, RCRA, and TSCA

Mobilization / Demobilization Support via Road, Cat-Train, Barge and Air

Planning and Permitting

Program Management

Remedial Investigations, Risk Assessments and Feasibility Studies

Site Restoration and Rehabilitation


BRICE CONST Brice Environmental has generated over 50 years of expertise and experience in safely managing the construction of projects to scope, quality, schedule and cost. We have the staffing capability to mobilize experienced construction managers, inspectors, resident engineers and labor anywhere in the world. Brice offers a suite of construction management services including construction administration, construction inspection, constructability reviews, project controls, document management, scheduling, cost estimating and cost control, change order management, claims management and resolution, quality assurance, and project close-out.

Project Management

Site Preparation

Building and Vertical Construction

Building Demolition

Pre-Fabricated Buildings

Facility Renovation and Repairs

Foundations Roads and Trails

Bridge Installation

Pre-Construction Services

Budget Maintenance and Control

Constructability Reviews

Procurement Project Management, Oversight and On-site Supervision

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Subcontractor Management

Value Engineering

Logistics Management (Road, Air, Marine)

BRICE MUNIPDF: Munitions Statement of Qualifications

Brice has been at the forefront, and has successfully undertaken the management of training range soils impacted with ordinance, heavy metals and explosive residues. Since 1997, we have evaluated, designed and implemented soil processing systems at Department of Defense (DoD) ranges at over 30 locations nationwide. We have the in-house crucial expertise and experience required to perform high-hazard munitions remediation safely and efficiently. Our experts are recognized professionals within the environmental sector as leaders in munitions response, and maintain a keen understanding of public and private client concerns.

Munitions and Explosive of Concern

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Range Sustainability

Hybrid Washing Technology

Brice is a pioneer of developing new approaches to treating contaminated and impacted soils at DoD facilities; one of these is “hybrid” soil washing technology. A typical soil washing process is entirely water-based and requires large water processing components and water treatment systems to remove dissolved metals, greater labor to support, and has a reduced production rate that all translates to higher costs. By incorporating innovative dry processing technology, the complete soil mass no longer requires water-based processing, and water-based requirements are reduced to particulate metal recovery and refinement systems, resulting in a more effective and cost efficient result.

When required, Brice also immobilizes heavy metals in soils as part of the hybrid system. We have extensive experience immobilizing heavy metals in soils using commercially available reagents such as apatite (sold by PIMS NW), ECOBOND® (sold by MT2), and TRAPPS™ (sold by Slater (UK) Limited).

Brice was the first firm to design and implement an advanced hybrid approach to soil washing to remove small arms rounds from over 20,000 tons of rifle and pistol range soils at Former Fort Ruger, Hawaii. The hybrid soil washing approach resulted in a compact, mobile, and high production process that saved the government more than $700,000 as opposed to traditional soil washing.

The Pentagon announced nine winners of the fiscal 2007 Secretary of the Army Environmental Award. Fort Ruger won the award for Environmental Restoration, Installation, for developing their firing ranges into a state park by excavating and cleaning contaminated soil and hydroseeding the land with native grass species.

In 2008, Brice used advanced hybrid soil washing technology to 1) add amendments to immobilize heavy metals, 2) remove artillery and ferrous debris using magnetic separation and 3) remove small arms rounds from 20,000 tons of former range soils located at Camp Withycomb, Oregon. Over 270 tons of bullets and bullet fragments were recovered for recycling.

The Pentagon announced nine winners of the fiscal 2007 Secretary of the Army Environmental Award. James G. Arnold, an environmental restoration manager at the Oregon Army National Guard won the Environmental Restoration, Individual Category, after advancing a plan to use new soil washing technology for range soil remediation (Camp Withycombe).


Strategic Partnerships with Sister Companies

In support of Alaska-based projects, we have access to the larger Brice family of companies for construction, marine and equipment that complement and enhance our resources and capabilities.

Brice maintains a marine division specifically designed to service remote Alaska locations and the Pacific Rim region. Brice Marine offers a full spectrum of construction and environmental services with the ability to transport equipment, materials and supplies to the most remote project sites. The company has specialized vessels that access the most challenging navigable waters in and around Alaska.

All Oceans Articulated Tug and Barge (ATB)

Shallow Draft Articulated Tug and Barge (ATB)

Shallow Draft Tug

Shallow Draft Barge

Truck-able Special Use Shallow Draft Tug and Barge

Articulated Tug and Barge Freight Concept*

Certified and Licensed Captains

Alaska and Pacific Rim

*The Articulated Tug and Barge Freight Concept allows the vessel set to enjoy the capabilities of a landing craft while maintaining status as a tug and barge.


Brice Equipment maintains a large fleet of heavy equipment and vehicles with associated operations and factory trained technicians and maintenance capabilities with parts and supplies in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Deadhorse and Soldotna, Alaska. The company’s inventory consists of over 600 pieces of equipment including and have arctic grade equipment rated down to -40 degrees below zero. Brice Equipment provides certified operators, and in-house mechanics that maintain equipment to manufacturer and industry standards. The company can cost efficiently provide the equipment needed for access improvement and enhancement, especially when local providers are not available.